I’d highly recommend Mendo’s for those that wish to have a better experience just like I did. I was referred here by a colleague and they were able to change my grade last semester with the help of this great hacking team on google who saved me with the great change it really stayed permanently. I am hoping they can help with my transcript too, they are simply the best I can recommend anyone to.


HassanMarylan - USA

I’m at 690, I’m currently in the game. I have 4 large trade-lines and received an authentic elite credit repair service from Mendosanonymoushack.net.

3 weeks in and not less than 17 negative items have been removed including inquiries. I can’t wait to see the bankruptcy disappear then my score will skyrocket.


JanelleCalifornia - USA

This channel is really the best! I came here trying to get help with my grades and I found a remarkable hacker. I explained my problem and he promised to help me change my grade so after answering a  few questions and providing my details, I was asked to check back after 6 hours. So I did and I was amazed at the results! You can also contact him if you need such help, his work is swift and very affordable


HannaSydney - Australia

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